Veterinary Technician Week


October 11-18 is designated Veterinary Technician Week, a time when we celebrate and thank the unsung heroes of our profession. Licensed Veterinary Technicians are college educated, highly trained, highly skilled, and highly committed professionals. They are integrally involved in the care of pets and the education of pet owners. Licensed Veterinary Technicians play an ever-increasing and vital role in maintaining the health and welfare of your pets.

Licensed Veterinary Technicians are critical to the daily function of a veterinary practice. A few of their responsibilities are comforting pets when they are anxious, collecting lab samples, placing IV catheters, treating wounds, performing anesthetic procedures, and cleaning teeth. They are truly “hands on ” in the care of your pets. Their work can be dirty, dangerous, exhausting, and emotionally draining. And yet, they work very hard every day, providing hands on care, compassion, kindness, and love to your pets.

We, as veterinarians, listen carefully to their observations, value their opinions, and trust them implicitly in the acre of our patients. Licensed Veterinary Technicians are invaluable to our profession. So please join us in celebrating these incredible care givers!

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