Briggs, Raising a Leader Dog for the Blind

20150618_153239-1 (1)


While I know the veterinary field is one filled with caring and compassion, I still find myself on certain days marveling on it’s magnitude. Daily we diagnose and treat pets making them feel better, as well as their owners. And, on occasions when we can’t, sympathy is high and sorrow is felt by all.

But, the closeness is also shown daily by our pets. Simply seen by our pets reactions when returning home from even a short time away. An even stronger example of a pet’s caring nature was in a recent story in the news of a service dog. The Golden Retriever jumped in front of a bus that was headed towards the dog and woman he guided, taking most of the blow. Happily they are both recovering from their injuries.

This brings me to our subject, Briggs. Briggs is a Black Lab puppy being raised by one of our own Licensed Veterinary Technicians, Tracy Lantto, for service as a future Leader Dog for the Blind. I’m pleased that our staff continues to show deep commitment and compassion, and even more proud knowing this will be embedded in Briggs. We can’t even imagine all the good Briggs will do in his lifetime.

2015-06-18 15.48.26

Feel free to stop by Greenfield Animal Hospital on Mondays or Thursdays to meet our future hero, Briggs.

-Dr. Michael Hood

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